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akaDruid's website. News & Views, plus all the nonsense that collects after a few years on the web. One day, I'll put together all the ideas I've never had time for.

The pages

This is really not it - All new blog, same old nonsense
The forums - kinda up at the moment.
My page about cars - my favourite bit is the TVR page.
My 5 Cars and 1 Bike - what I'd buy if I won the lottery. Nice images.
The gallery - View some (mostly car) photos.
Tetris - You can play Tetris on this page.
Pac-Man - You can play Pac-Man on this page.
Frogger - You can play Frogger.
Snake - You can play... well, you get the idea by now.
SWG UK - A page about playing Star Wars Galaxies MMORPG from the UK (not really updated any more)
Kings of Chaos - A page about the web-based game (not really updated any more)
Peer-to-peer Filesharing - Information and links, how to get started. bit outdated now.
Slashdot - Scribblings about the popular geek news website.
SETI@home - Information and links for the SETI@home distributed computing project.
Nokia 7650 - Various scribblings on the Nokia 7650 phone + related bluetooth stuff.
Reading Festival 2003 - Review, and photos from the festival.

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Aston Martin

The Aston Martin. Of all cars, the Aston is maybe the most desirable marque. Over the years, Aston Martin have produced more desirable cars than any other manufacturer.
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