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Star Wars: Galaxies - UK release 7th November Star Wars: Galaxies Official UK Release Date: Friday 7th November 2003
About Star Wars: Galaxies:
SWG is a MMORPG (Massively Multiplayer Online RPG) from LucasArts and Sony Online Entertainment. It puts you in the Star Wars Universe with 300,000+ other players. There is an awesome range of things to do, from running a cut-throat business empire to evading the law and fighting to stay alive on dangerous planets, or just chilling in the cantina with your mates. The Galatic Civil War rages, and you can affect the fate of the universe in a real way.
My in-game name is akad Dru'id, and I play on the Eclipse server.
To contact me in-game just type /tell akad [your message] into the console box at the bottom of your screen. I'll be happy to talk to you and help you out anyway I can.

Monday 28th July 2004 18:30

I've not played SWG since Feburary and I cancelled my account a while back. I kinda reached the point where I had done everything, and I got bored of it. I might be back for the space expansion. This section of my site will remain in case anyone is interested.

Monday 19th February 2004 18:30

Did someone say 'update'? Wow... it's been a long time! Over 3 months since I did anything on my website, but the time has come for another update.
A lot has happened in 3 months. Anyone who went along to the Deathwish website (www.deathwishpa.com) will have seen the rise and fall of my first and last attempt at SWG leadership. The PA soared to over 20 members in it's first 2 weeks under the leadership of Tra'gedy, myself and 4 others, and had established a promising Player City, Typheous on Dantooine. Then came Christmas, with it's attendant distractions, and I had to leave the game for a while. Work pressures, a new computer plus two weeks of visiting the folks put me out of the game for the best part of a month and I returned to find that the PA had collapsed around me. Moomin and Ares left the game, Exile and myself had to reduce our involvement in the council, and Tra'gedy and Brujo were forced to dissolve the PA. There were some classic mistakes made, but no-one gets it right first time. I'm currently soloing in the game, with much less play time than before. Some of the old crew still play, noticeably Tra', Exile and Calraa. I have started learning some CH skills, altough i'm none too excited about the idea now. It was on my holocron, but the upcoming changes to Jedi will hit before I struggle through the CH tree. Not too sure how the game will pan out for me, but time will tell, and I'm not leaving yet.

Monday 17th November 2003 10:00

I have resigned from Eclipse PA, and joined Deathwish PA. This is because a lot of my in-game friends have moved and I do not really see Eclipse PA moving in the direction I want to be going. Best wishes for all remaining members of Eclipse, and thank you all. I had some really good fun in Eclipse, and I hope to remain friends with you all.
I am creating a new website for Deathwish PA, currently at deathwish.port5.com

Friday 14th November 2003 11:00

Mounts and Player Cities were released last night! Eclipse has establised it's City on Talus. Visit Corona, Central Talus today. You can get there via our new Star Port, or of course ride across the plains on your Falumpaset! New addition to the website: Updated the FAQ to reflect the release, added new questions and answers. Will be adding new pictures soon.

Friday 7th November 2003 15:30

UK Release today! Get out there and pick up your copy!
New features expected soon, including Player Cities, and Creature Mounts.

Wednesday 5th November 2003 11:30

2 days to UK release. I've updated the FAQ a bit more, Sony have announced that you can definitely play on any server with the UK version, and the London postal strike has been lifted, so those of you who ordered online should get your games on Friday. Good luck everyone, and see you in the game.

Friday 31st October 2003 16:30

I Finally Got It! I am now a Master Doctor! I'll be adding some screenshots of that soon. I am also Combat Medic 2-1-0-1. I am working on some more info pages for the site too, I'll link to them when they are uploaded.

Wednesday 29th October 2003 16:30

Well apparently the UK release date has been put back to the 7th November now. Italian and Spanish versions release same day, German on 11th, French on 14th. Anyone's guess why it took them 4 months to get some servers in the UK and translate the manuals, but here it is now. In game, I've almost made Master Doc, at 4/4/4/3 now with just 15k of crafting xp to get. Busy at work, so not too much time to update.

Thursday 23rd October 2003 12:20

Got my crafting down to a fine art now, and I'm churning out the crafting xp fast. My PA have all been really helpful too. I'll be using some of their tips to set up a good PvP char too before I declare rebel again. Don't want to get taken out with a shot in the back every time I heal an overt rebel or use my faction pets. Got some sweet enhance packs now so I'll be able to use them for more xp too soon. Found a great spot to put a couple of harvesters on OQ 933 Tatooine Fiberplast, so I'll be crafting some really sweet Adv. Bio Effect Controllers now.
I've also put a new page with information for Doctors, which has a detailed skill tree in a nice layout. I was getting fed with the one at swg.stratics.com, which has the info but the layout is annoying. This way I have it all on one page. I'll be adding more info for would-be Doctors too soon, as well as doing a Combat Medic skill tree in the same fashion.

Tuesday 21st October 2003 14:20

Found myself a reasonably good place to put my fusion harvester down. It's now pulling me out over 10,000 units a day of fusion power to power my other harvs, pass to the other PA members and sell for cash. I'll be putting down more harvs tonight, as I am now attempting to get as much cash as possible to fund my next purchase: high level composite armour. This stuff is expensive. Very expensive. I'll be needing 450k or more to get a complete suit, so time to get those harvs spinning up. Really need some more Enhance D packs now, I'll be asking Brujo and anyone else as as soon as I see them. Might head out the Tatooine too to grab some Tatoooine Fiberplast for crafting. Apart from that, I'll be mostly crafting to get that huge crafting xp I need.

Monday 20th October 2003 12:00

OK, just a recap on what I've been up to for the last few days. I found a great deposit of the previously extinct 'Class 4 Liquid Petroleum' resource, and I've set up 4 personal harvesters on a 90% spot. These have been churning out some serious quantities of this vital medicine ingredient, enough for me start selling some, while stockpiling the rest for myself and the other doctors and medics in my PA. I still haven't found a good spot for that fusion harvester which is beginning to bug me, so I hope I can do that soon. I went hunting near Moenia on Naboo with moomin and pwnedby from my guild last night, and took down some huge fumbaas. Made some more medic xp there, always good, and got a bit of crafting done. Do go check out those promotional screenshots I got from Digital Outlook, there are some really nice ones in there. I've updated the FAQ too, as it was getting rapidly out of date with the UK release approaching.

Sunday 19th October 2003 11:00

I've just had an email from Will Townsend at Digital Outlook, LucasArt's UK marketing agency. He send me this link to the promotional material available for the UK release. Highlights include this movie (14mb, zipped, in Quicktime format) and a wide range of high res screenshots, which can be downloaded as as a single 4.7Mb zip file, containing 43 jpeg images or 31 of these can be viewed on my pictures page. Unfortunatly my website does not allow enough space to upload all the images, so download the zip for the others.

Thursday 16th October 2003 10:00

Had a couple of good nights play, got some good stuff done. Got some great enhance packs from Brujo, so now I can enhance people for anything between 500 and 1940 points on each of the six health and action stats. Last night I got a fusion harvester too, will be setting that up soon, I intend to get loads of power from that. I've uploaded a couple of new screenshots to the pictures page too.

Tuesday 14th October 2003 17:15

Great couple of nights play, Sat night and last night. Made over 50,000 medic xp on Lok, made a little cash, and had some great fun, taking down Kimigolas and so on. Jumped back to Naboo last night, and traded all that xp for Advanced and Expert Doctor's Medicine Knowledge. That gave me a Medicine Use level of 75, enough to use 'Enhance Stat Medpack D's, so now I can buff for 800-1000 points, very useful skill. Also good some great resources for crafting from a very generous PA member (thanks Sretsi!) so now I can really build those crafting xp points. Thanks to everyone who has helped me recently, the ex-doctor who gave me the wound packs, the artisan on Naboo who gave me the battery, the great guys i hunted with on Lok, and Sretsi, moomin and Brujo from my PA who gave me tons of help and advice. I owe you guys big time, and I will pass it on in kind.
Quick note regarding the site - I am trying to set up a mirror using Lycos' SiteCatcher service. When it's finished uploading, there will be a mirror of the site available at www.lycos.co.uk/akadruid. Use this link to the mirror of this page to get there directly. The Lycos service is support by advertising, but is somewhat more reliable and sometimes faster than my main hosting provider.

Thursday 9th October 2003 17:15

The server was down all last night, so i got nothing done despite leaving work early :( I've also done a quick update to the forum page too, now has a navigation frame at the top. Please do write something in, I get bored talking to myself :)

Wednesday 8th October 2003 13:30

Played some last night, and figured what my problem with my computer was, the CPU fan was clogged with dust and it was overheating. Updated the pictures page a little this morning. Still can't get back into my guild, still no-one online :(

Tuesday 7th October 2003 10:30

Well I'm happy with the new design now, so this is the first update on the new look page. Hope you all like it. The old design will stay here for a little while, but no more updates to that. My broken forum has been replaced by the one on my MSN group, so feel free to go check that one out. It should be a little faster and more reliable anyway. Apologies for the adverts etc :)

Monday 6th October 2003 15:00

FTP Server is back up again, and I'm back from holiday. I'm thinking of using my MSN Group: groups.msn.com/akadDruid-SWGEclipsePA as a backup option when I can't post to my main site, so if this site hasn't been updated for a while, check the this group. This is of course subject to me randomly changing my mind again :)
I want to sort out this site a bit too, change the layout, as this section is too big for my liking. I'm not too sure about the fonts now either, I made them bigger after someone emailed me saying they were too small, but it's made everything a bit too big for my liking, so I will experiment a bit. Thanks everyone for all the emails and instant messages I've had. I hope I've managed to reply to all your emails etc, if not please do send them again, and I'll try and reply to them. Sometimes my spam filter gets a bit too trigger happy :)

Monday 22nd September 2003 11:30

I finally made Master Surgeon last night! I can do /revive on dead players now! I also got Ranged Abilites IV last night, so I only need 11k Medical xp to get Novice Combat Medic too. A really good night last night! I'll get some new screenshots up when I have time.

Monday 15th September 2003 10:00

I'm in to my FTP server again. no other major news to report.

Wednesday 10th September 2003 10:45

Well, a long time with no updates, my site has been down, I'm not sure why, but we're all ready to go again now. I've played a fair bit on and off, and have made a few advances. I'm currently doing on Lok, where I've been doing some great missions, taking down some hardcore mobs, and earning lots of cash. I've been putting together lots of xp too, and I've made a few advances. I now have enough xp for Novice Pistoleer, and for Wound Treatment 3, so I just need to get to a trainer for those, or find someone with WT3. I'm nearly a master surgeon, and I'm looking forward to getting that revive ability. I'm over halfway through the 22k combaat xp I need to get Ranged Weapon Support Specialist too, so I can start training to become a combat medic too soon. Those skill points are rapidly running out. I'm looking at some point to update my page to include my charecter history too, a long essay I wrote for my PA messageboards. This update might never see the light as day as a seperate page update, as I can't get into my FTP server at the moment.

Tuesday 26th August 2003 15:00

I'm back from the festival, had an amazing time, and I'll be back online tonight.

Wednesday 20th August 2003 11:30

Well, another long gap between updates, but I've finally got something new for you to look at - screenshots. Got my FTP server off it's backside, and it's now serving some lovely big images for your pleasure. Click here to look at the image page. I'll be adding more to the list for you as I have time. Ii also have some big news - I finally made Master Medic, and have started as a Novice Doctor. When I can scrape together some Combat XP, I'll be going for Combat Medic, my ultimate goal.In other news, I'm off to Reading Festival for the weekend, so I won't be playing for a few days.

Friday 1st August 2003 11:30

Well now I am surprised. I got an email last night asking me questions about playing SWG, telling me I have a useful page rank in Google. Considering the dire lack of effort I put into this page, I'm shocked anyone is actually reading it! I shall have to put some more time now I guess. I haven't played Galaxies for the last couple of days, so no real update here. I should be on tonight though, so I'll post some more then.
I have now also removed most of the images from this page as it has got quite big. I don't want to cause problems with slower connections or go over my bandwith limit for my hosting. July 2003 was my busiest month ever for my site, with 355 unique visitors and 2,458 page hits.
I have also updated the links section to include mini-reviews of all the sites linked to, and increased the number of links.

Wednesday 30th July 2003 12:00

2 weeks since the last update now, my FTP server has been down and I've been very busy at work (excuses!) but I'm ready with some more now. I'm now at Medic 3/3/2/3 and ready to get FA4 too when I can find someone to teach me. I've taken a ton of screenshots too, so I'll be posting them up when I can. I've got myself a Micro Flora Farm, a Wind Generator and a Personal Mineral Extractor too. Got around 12K saved up too, so I can buy myself a house soon.

Monday 14th July 2003 15:50

Well, sorry no updates recently, been too busy playing the game + playing RL. I've pushed up my skill levels a lot and learnt lots about the game. I may have a RL mate playing the game soon, will be good. I've made it up to First Aid 2, Diag 2, Org Chem 1 on the medic skills and Int Rifle, Adv Pistol (getting to Exp), Int Carb and Int Weap skills. I've been given some great armour which has helped me a lot with the marksman skills, and Kolpo has given me a ton of cash + resources which has helped me big time with my leveling. I think Medics can become very dependant on others as it's tough to raise much cash normally. I've met some cool people too, greets to Kazandra, Snobukk and the others.

Tuesday 8th July 2003 12:20

4 day update! Well it did arrive as promised early Friday morning, and I've had a manic weekend playing. After 4 days, (only 2 playing, the g/f demanded the other 2!), I have made 6 advances, two in medic skills, and four in marksman skills. I think I will be heading for Combat Medic now, rather than doctor, but we shall see how it works out. Seems a lot easier to pick up marksman xp at this stage. I'll be on again tonight, hopefully from around 7:30pm - 10:00pm GMT

Thursday 3rd July 2003 13:05

UPS tried to deliver it today, but I was at work, so I called them and it's being delivered around 9:30am tomorrow. I will finally be in the game.

Monday 30 June 2003 19:50

Well, the VISA card has turned up and I've ordered the game from www.gamestop.com. I have to wait 3-5 days now for it to be delivered.

Tuesday 24th June 2003 13:48

Looks like I won't be getting in the game until next week now at the earliest. I was hoping to get the game from play.com, but it turns out that they can't get it in, so I will have to order it from the US. I can't even order it until my new VISA card turns up (I was gonna use my Switch card at play.com, but I can't now). So it looks like being around Tuesday next week before I can join in.

Wednesday 18th June 2003 16:21

It's Finally Official! The release date is the 26th, Next Tuesday Week!!! Not sure if I can make to the meeting, sorry guys. I've posted in the right place though, so you should know about it!

Friday 13th June 2003 10:30

Woohoo! I have been accepted into Eclipse. Thanks Thorizan!

Thursday 12th June 2003 15:45

I have applied to join the Eclipse PA, playing on the server of the same name.

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