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Offical Sites

Sony's official site is in this section, it's got several things you will need. Check it out.

Star Wars Galaxies Official Website

URL: http://starwarsgalaxies.station.sony.com
My Rating *** (3 stars)
Link Last Updated: 7th October 2003
This is the official website of Star Wars Galaxies, run by SOE (Sony Online Entertainment). It only gets three stars from me because of it's unweildy address, slow updates, complex design and missing content. That said, it does provide a lot of good stuff and loads fast, and it's well worth checking out. But please try harder Sony, I expect a lot from you.

Eclipse Player Association

Well this is it, my PA, please do come check us out, you won't be disappointed.

Eclipse Player Association

URL: http://www.eclipse-swg.com
My Rating: *** (3 stars)
Link Last Updated: 14th October 2003
This is my PA, a neutral PA with a single goal: Profit!!! We play across many countries and timezones, and we're a relaxed friendly lot. Website gets three stars, a good amateur effort but that sidebar annoys me :)

Fan Sites and General Information

These are all the sites you need to be reading to get the lowdown on SWG. There are some real gems here, so go have a look.

SWG Stratics

URL: http://swg.stratics.com/
My Rating: **** (4 stars)
Link Last Updated: 7th October 2003
A great site for SWG fans. News, Information and Forums. Fast updating, lots of content and a great design, combined with a snappy address. This would get five stars if wasn't so slow at loading.

SWG Resource Centre

URL: http://www.swgcenter.com
My Rating: **** (4 stars)
Link Last Updated: 7th October 2003
Another good site, great content and fast loading, good address, but the colours and design need a little work. It would get five stars if they could sort that out. lots of potential.

SWG Warcry

URL: http://swg.warcry.com
My Rating: *** (3 stars)
Link Last Updated: 14th October 2003
Again a good news and info site, slugging it out with the others, not a lot different from SWG Resource Centre really, but that's not a criticism. Well worth checking out as an alternative news and info site. Good effort, poor colours and design again, so it rates three stars.


URL: http://www.swgalaxies.net/
My Rating: **** (4 stars)
Link Last Updated: 14th October 2003
This design is a lot better, I really like this site and I reckon it's going to be my new favourite soon. Not too sure yet on the speed of updates, but time will tell. A well earnt four stars, might even get that coverted 5 stars in time. Go check this out now!

SWG Medics

URL: http://www.swgmedics.com/
My Rating: *** (3 stars)
Link Last Updated: 14th October 2003
Here's a site just for us Medics! Lots of info, and some good messageboards. Gets 3 stars.

Con Sites, Cheat Sites, Google advertisers etc

Quick word of warning about this section. I added this to cover sites which offer IMHO dubious content. Please be very careful when visiting these sites, and do not give away an credit card information unless you are very sure you are going to get something worthwhile from it.

SWG Secrets

URL: http://www.swg-secrets.com/
My Rating: * (1 star)
Link Last Updated: 7th October 2003
Star Wars Rip-Off. Barely deserves it's 1 star but it is a least a pretty design. This site is begging you to pay for some very doubtful content. They claim to have over 200 members but seem to be asking for submissions for more 'secrets' and exploiting bugs in the game for the ones they claim already. I doubt you will get anything useful from this site, and it certainly won't enhance your playing experiance.


URL: http://www.swarsgalaxies.com
My Rating: * (1 star)
Link Last Updated: 7th October 2003
Almost a carbon copy of SWG Secrets in what it claims. Another pretty site, but the same comments apply. The only difference is that they claim to offer stuff for other MMORPGs too.

Other Player Associations

Included for fairness... haven't had time to check out many, go look at the official messageboards and the PA sections of the fan sites.

SWG Rebelbase PA

URL: http://www.3dhead.co.uk/swgrebelbase/index.php
My Rating: ** (2 stars)
Link Last Updated: 7th October 2003
A European based PA. I don't know much about them as a PA but the website is Flash-heavy, ugly and slow. There is some reasonable content if you have the patience to drill down but the constant attempts to gather comission on sales of the game are annoying.

Amusing articles:

I found these funny - no rating since humour is subjective.

Report on the War on Terror in Iraq - UO Style

URL: http://boards.stratics.com/php-bin/uo/showflat.php?Cat=3&Board=uogreatlakes&Number=3982869&page=0&view=collapsed&sb=5&o=0&what2=postlist&fpart=
Link Last Updated: 14th October 2003
I don't play UO, but this is really good anyway.

The Automated Online RolePlayer

URL: http://www.gamespy.com/fargo/august03/autorpg/index.shtml
Link Last Updated: 14th October 2003
you might need to know a little bit about SWG to get the best from this, but it's pretty good. Follow it though the pages.

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