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Peer-to-Peer Filesharing

Last updated 6th May 2004.
I get many people asking me about peer-to-peer filesharing. I'm starting to scribble some of the answers down here, so I hope this helps you guys.

What is Peer-to-Peer Filesharing?

Peer-to-Peer Filesharing is transferring files directly between end users (peers). For most people, it covers the transfer of rare, popular or illegal files. You may have heard of this under some of these names:
Kazaa (a program)
BitTorrent (a network)
Napster (a program)
Gnutella (a network)

How you do it

You need a program for your computer (known as a client). There are many different types of clients which offer different features. To look for the current best program, you should visit this website:


This site lists all the latest and best software, along with the pros and cons of using each program.

What do you use?

I currently use Shareaza.

Useful Links

I've looked around a bit, and sorted out the useful stuff from all the rubbish. My links will go out of date over time, but for now, these are handy: www.zeropaid.com The number one place to learn about filesharing.
www.shareaza.com Shareaza - use it, love it.
www.bitzi.com reviews of files, search for files.
www.filesharingtalk.com messageboard about filesharing, has some of everything.
www.findhash.com find good files to download
www.sharethefiles.com more stuff to download
NEW! (6th May) Just found some more stuff of interest:
gosupernova.free.fr GoSupernova BitTorrent search program.
www.p2pforums.com More good looking forums.
www.slyck.com Peer-to-Peer news and info.

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