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I was talking to a mate the other day about what we choose, if we could have any 5 cars and 1 bike. I found some cool pictures of my choices, so I thought I'd share them here. As always, click the images to expand them to their gorgeous high-res glory. The full versions are ideal for desktop wallpaper, screen savers, or just drooling over.

Aston Martin DB9

Noble M14

MG SV XPower


Range Rover Autobiography

Suzuki GSX1300R Hayabusa
More Range Rover images
There are a few caveats to these choices of course. Most of the colours are OK, but the TVR would need to be a deep purple colour, probably pearlescant paint. The Range Rover would need a lot of options, including the extra seats and armour. And the Suzuki would only be used on a track, and maybe not even then - I have no intention of actually ever riding a donercycle on the road, as I'm all too aware of my heavy right foot (or hand), and I don't plan on depearting this earthly realm as jam on the back of a 40 ton lorry. The other cars would be best used on a track anyway, with the armoured Range Rover for street work, so that if some moron hits me, it will be their funeral not mine. I'm only too aware that a school run mum, barely in control of a BMW X5, would spell instant death in any of the other vehicles.

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