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Page last updated 07th May 2004.

Bluetooth on the Nokia 7650

Overall, using bluetooth with the 7650 has prooved to be fairly painless, but getting a good connection between it and my computer using the 'Wavelinker Bluetooth USB dongle' has been hard work. I've included some useful info below.

How to get your Nokia software working when connecting your 7650 via a bluetooth dongle

I have a Wavelinker Bluetooth USB dongle and have managed to successfully connect my 7650 after a lot of hassle. The following guide by David Rudgley was useful:

Link to the original Usenet posting on Google Groups

The text of the the posting:

After days trying to establish a connection between my USB Bluetooth dongle
and Nokia 7650, at last through perseverance, I have established a
connection and can successfully use the full features of Nokia PC Suite.

Here's a brief summary on how I done it.....

Software spec

Windows XP Pro (Without SP1 installed yet)
XTNDConnect Blue Manager version 2.0 downloaded from
Nokia PC Suite Version 1.1.0 downloaded from

Hardware Spec
Acer Laptop
Cyber-Blue Bluetooth USB device

Remove the Bluetooth USB device

Delete all virtual com ports through Control Panel....Phone and modem
options....Select Modems Tab......(Be careful not to delete any
internal/external modem that you may already have installed)

Delete all previously created network connections again through Control
Panel.....Network Connections.....(Again...be careful not to delete any DUN
or LAN connections that you may already have set up)

Uninstall any previous versions of XTNDConnect then you will be asked to

First install version 2.0 of XTNDConnect, and accept all the default
settings including the warnings regarding the software not being suitable
for XP....Just select Continue Anyway....

You will be asked to reboot

Once restarted, insert the Bluetooth USB device and the drivers should be
installed....again just accept the defaults and the Continue Anyway on the

Now the Bluetooth Manager has been installed.

Install the Nokia 7650 PC Suite software from the link above

Say no to installing the Nokia 7650 SKD product......accept the defaults and
XP Warnings etc....


Establish trust between two devices

Enter Nokia 7650 Connection option....set Bluetooth to ON....Select
Visibility to 'Shown to all' and leave the Bluetooth name as 'Nokia7650'

(Start XTNDConnect and your device should be discovered as Nokia7650)

Select refresh on XTNDConnect then back to the Bluetooth Menu on the
Hit joystick to the right and enter the Paired Devices menu....select
options....New paired device

You will be asked to enter your pairing code on the phone and PC.....hey
presto you two devices have been paired.

Before proceeding....enter the Bluetooth Pairing menu on the Phone and
select your Paired PC name...then Options....select as Authorised.

I'm not sure whether this has any impact, but it works on this setting so I
aint going to change it!!
Check to see what com port has been assigned as 'Serial connection' through
Control Panel....Phone and modem options....Select Modems Tab......

In my case it was either Com4 or Com6

Right mouse click the mRouter icon in the system tray and select properties.

In the connection Properties make sure that all the boxes have been
unchecked then select the Com port assigned to 'Serial Connection'....A
window opens within XTNDConnect asking to assign the COM port. You will see
if the correct com port has been selected because it will be indicated as a
serial connection. (At this point, sometimes the window doesn't appear
instantly or sometime not at all, just keep selecting and de-selecting and
eventually it should work)

Select the Default device connection, then OK....and then you should
establish connection.....

Finally open Nokia 7650 PC Suite and you should be able to use as normal...

Good luck
David Rudgley

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