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SWG UK - A page about playing Star Wars Galaxies MMORPG from the UK (not really updated any more)
Kings of Chaos - A page about the web-based game (not really updated any more)
Peer-to-peer Filesharing - Information and links, how to get started. bit outdated now.
Slashdot - Scribblings about the popular geek news website.
SETI@home - Information and links for the SETI@home distributed computing project.
Nokia 7650 - Various scribblings on the Nokia 7650 phone + related bluetooth stuff.
Reading Festival 2003 - Review, and photos from the festival.

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Wednesday 07:00

If you see a charge on your bank statement / credit card statement for “CP Servs Meteor STANSTEAD”, this is probably for car parking or something related, from a company called Meteor Parking Limited. Dispite the mis-spelled “Stanstead”, this may have nothing to do with Stansted Airport, as this company does parking at many airports, and also runs car parks for Southern Railway, Southeastern, and London Midland trains.



How to set up the factory option Bluetooth on a Vauxhall Zafira

Friday 07:00

I could not find this anywhere online how to set up the Vauxhall optional bluetooth handsfree on my 56 plate Zafira. It didn’t come with any instructions, nor are there any online anywhere. After a while I worked it out by accident, so I thought I’d share.

The left side scrollwheel on the steering wheel is actually a clickable button as well as a scrollwheel. You have to press it fairly hard on mine. You will then get a whole bluetooth menu appear on the display which you can’t get to any other way. It’s fairly obvious how to set it up after that. The right side scrollwheel does not seem to be clickable, at least on my car.

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